Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Survived!!!!....Well Kinda!

We went on the Sky Screamer today at Six Flags for Faith's birthday! Happy Birthday, Faith!!!
Well, we went on the NEW Sky Screamer and it was a lot of fun! After a few rides, we met our friends. They hadn't been on the Sky Screamer yet, so we went again! Not a good idea! Before the ride, our friend's mom told us that if we went on the Sky Screamer...just don't let her know...especially if we got stuck up there and threw up! So, we made the decision to brave the ride again. After reaching the top and spinning around for a few seconds, we just stopped...200 feet in the air! For most of the people, it was their first time on the ride, so they didn't know that something was wrong. But we knew.
Different reactions:
Paige had her eyes closed and when it stopped, she thought the ride was over. She started to unbuckle her seat until she realized that the ride wasn't over! Paige was sitting with our friend Lynn, and Lynn started yelling for help!
Michelle was sitting with her friend Nat, and they started singing Elmo songs!
Faith was sitting with someone she didn't know and he was telling her about how his brother got stuck on another ride.
Benjamin and I were together and we just were staring at all the people below us. Then, Benjamen started telling weird jokes!
Mom and Bradley were on different ride at the time, and they didn't know that we were the ones who were stuck on the sky screamer.
After about 10 minutes, they  lowered us to the ground, and then everyone finally stared to scream! We saw a lot of people crying!
We decided after all of that excitement that we would ride a baby ride!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Costume Party!

For Choir, we had an end of the year costume party at a park! Everyone dressed as a literature character. I was Little Red Riding Hood. We all tried to bring a related snack. I brought bread and butter in my basket.

Paige was Nancy Drew. She brought fancy cakes like Miss Hannah made.

Michelle was Laura Ingalls Wilder.She shared some homemade pop corn.Yum!

Faith was Rebecca of Sunny Brooke Farm.She had a pail of strawberries.

 Benjamin was Wesley in The Princess Bride.The boys did not bring food. They just ate food.:)

Bradley was Prince Arthur.

Everyone had a great time! It was a lot of fun to see everyone's outfits. =)


Monday, March 26, 2012


A friend told me to blog more, so I decided to blog about something random...
Our dad found a dead opossum in our neighbor's front yard.
                           Playing possum...or not?
         It reminds me of Over The Hedge. =)
Poor opossum! It was next to our neighbors trash bin.

I am going to try to blog more. =)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Modest March Fashion Week-Day 7

Shirt- Kohl's
Vest- Kohl's
Skirt- Kohl's
Leggings- Kohl's
Flip-flops- Old Navy
Last day...=(